Chaos Lord

A Chaos Lord is the most powerful of the Champions of Chaos who often serve as the commanders of Chaos Space Marine warbands and the other Forces of Chaos. They are not necessarily those who rose through the ranks properly in a hierarchical fashion, but are often those most blessed by the Chaos Gods or simply the most powerful or charismatic individuals among the Forces of Chaos. The greatest of the Champions of Chaos become Chaos Lords and are often granted hideous mutations and physical alterations by the Ruinous Powers to further their cause. Chaos Lords are so powerful as to be able to bind the other Forces of Chaos to their will, although this often brings a dangerous position as advancement among the Forces of Chaos is commonly achieved through the death or murder of another Chaos Lord or Champion. Some Chaos Lords lead through brute strength, others through cunning and some are maniacs bent solely on self-aggrandisement. Others are truly worshipers of Chaos and possess a zealous dedication to the Dark Gods.

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"I murdered thousands for the Emperor and he gave me nothing except his damning silence. Now his lapdogs yap for every life I take, while the gods promise me the galaxy."

- Renegade Wolf Lord Svane Vulfbad

Get to know the Warriors of Chaos

The mortal worshippers of Chaos gather together in warbands mighty enough to conquer entire nations. Though the tyrannical lords that lead the armoured hordes believe themselves to be warrior kings born to rule the Mortal Realms with an iron fist, they are bound to higher powersin their turn. In truth, every murderer, monster and mutant in their armies is but a slave to darkness and a puppet of the Dark Gods.

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Info History

How it all began; the origins of thousands of years of Human suffering; what opened the eye in the north—no one knows for certain. Tales of Old Ones in silver ships sailing on the seas of stars have as much credibility as the myths of the Norsemen Shamans who claim such-andsuch God slew so-and-so Daemon. Of course, those who know, the Elves, say little. What we see as truth has been cobbled together from a hundred different stories from people all over the Old World, and none-too-few from the lands beyond.

Info Chaos

Chaos is a term used variously to describe a mutating and corrupting force from the Realm of Chaos which manifests in the world. The ways of the Chaos Gods are evil, watching with amusement as mortals destroy each other and the world. Chaos has the potential to exist in all realms of the world because of the evil within mortal hearts. There are dark, secretive Chaos Cults hidden in the Empire of Man, and there are rumors of Chaos worshipers amongst the Dark Elves. However, the true "Realm of Chaos" exists far to the north above the Chaos Wastes, a dead region of icy desert, mountain, and tundra. In the Chaos Wastes are the citadels and monuments of the proud champions of Chaos, those who have proven their worth to the Chaos Gods and have earned their blessing.